Trademark Textilex A/S

Trademark Textiles A/S

is a private label manufacturer of socks, underwear, swimwear, canvas shoes, flip flops, textile printing and accessories.

We can handle everything from design presentations, production, packaging and delivery.  


Design presentations Moodboards Color cards Packaging solutions


High quality Quality tested products Sustainable factories Own factories


Fast delivery Customs clearance Transportation with air, sea and road Delivery to your door


Our fundamental values can be expressed in 4 words: Sincere, Wellbeing, Action and Teamwork (SWAT). We are a big team that works together towards a common goal.


Our mission is to provide the best service for our customers, through knowhow, industry experience and expertise. We would like to inspire our customers and make it easy for them to be a customer.


Trademark Textiles has more than 50 dedicated and talented employees, who daily contributes to the development of each of our valuable customers – through experience, expertise and deep commitment.


Our team comprises people from diverse backgrounds, each specialized in different target segments, ranging from men’s wear, women’s wear and kids wear.

By having our own in-house design team located in Denmark, we are able to support all customer needs in relation to design developments.

Our design team can easily make a draft of a design and shortly after present a sample for approval, including quality, color, pattern, packaging, etc.

The production will first be initiated when the sample has been approved by our customer.


We focus on a small range of products. By doing this we can promise our customers to be: ”Best in class” Click to discover some of our products: underwear, socks, swimwear, shoes, flip flops and accessories.




        We are a modern producer of garments. We own the factories, hence we are very flexible in terms of specific requests. All of our factories are in compliance with the international initiative BSCI, SA8000 and OekoTex 100.

        After receiving the approval, following production process will begin: Knitting, linking and boarding for socks/ dyeing or printing, cutting and sewing for underwear. Quality inspection, packing, shipping and delivery.

        Production of socks Socks linking
        Sock production Bording
        sock packing Hang tag packing
        production of underwear Underwear production - cutting
        underwear sewing Sewing of underwear
        Underwear production Waistband machine

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        ABOUT US

        Who we are

        For more than 12 years, we have developed, designed and produced private label products to leading fashion companies & brands – from all over the world.

        We are a specialized manufacturer in socks and underwear for men, women and kids, and we are proud to be partners with more than 30 highly respected brands.

        Why we do what we do

        Our business strategy is to be your “one stop business partner” when working with accessories.

        In order to be or become your preferred business partner we focus on our core business values every single day, hence you can focus on your business core as well knowing that Trademark is having all matters under perfect control.

        We believe that the team behind every brand has the best knowledge about the products and the values of the brand.

        About us

        We believe that know-how and expertise within private label manufacturing is essential, in order to stay competitive in the challenging and global fashion industry.

        Our multicultural team of talents, own LEAN organized factories in China and our interactive problem solving approach to our customers, enable us to provide top-quality solutions within a tight schedule.

        In addition to promoting top-quality solutions, all our factories are in compliance with BSCI, SA8000 and OekoTex 100. Thus, we are reliable and seriously committed to quality production and good working conditions.

        We strive to support your core business and your fundamental values and the growth and success of our partners is also our success criteria.

        We make it easy to be a customer – that is our TRADEMARK.

        Trademark Textiles A/S

        Trademark Textiles A/S

        Founded in 2004, Trademark Textiles is one of Europe’s preferred private label manufacture.

        • +45 2560 6600
        • Birkemosevej 9A, 6000 Kolding
        • Fax: +45 2560 6699

        Trademark Textiles A/S

        • +45 2560 6600
        • Birkemosevej 9A, 6000 Kolding
        • Fax: +45 2560 6699
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        If you would like to apply for a job, please use the “job”-site. This will enable us to protect your data in accordance with the EU-law about GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)

        Career at Trademark Textiles A/S

        Trademark Textiles is a fast growing company and we are in constant need of talented people.

        If we don’t have any vacancies at the moment and you still want to be a part of the Trademark team, send us an unsolicited application together with your CV - please both in English, via following link: Unsolicited application

        Trademark Textiles A/S

        Lilly Falsig, HR Manager

        For new and available vacancies, please see below

        KAM - German Speaking - March 2020